Dawn of a New Age

Everything has a story be it one that is created for it or told by it, everything has one. I recently purchased a Christy Dawn dress and had no idea of the emotional response I would have. I found Christy Dawn through the STREICHER SISTERS almost 6 months ago and have been in love ever since. The imagery she creates on her Instagram feed is phenomenal and only she can say it best so make sure to check out her site and read "A Note from Christy" you won't be disappointed. 

I wanted to share my story that I have created about my dress. I purchased the "Dawn Dress" and am completely in love. 

Let us begin...

A soft breeze and the sounds of birds singing and wind rustling the leaves comes through the slightly opened window. A soft sunbeam on the comforter. Early morning coffee in my dress, barefoot, while I make pancakes. Is it a Sunday or a Wednesday? I don't know and it doesn't bother me anyway because it's a new day. Maybe some writing or reading with music playing in the background filling the house. I grab my 35mm camera, hat, slides, and Temp to head out for a walk and take some photos to later develop and print. Mid day heat keeps me on my porch while I watch the world go by and daydream for a bit. Wander through my house with my hard wood floors, filled with books, and breathe deep. Evening breeze cools the house while I prepare for a small dinner party filled with laughter, wine, and cheese. After everyone leaves I hang my dress and hat, and settle in my big leather chair and a good book until my eyelids are heavy and ready to sleep. Then repeat. 

This story came from one dress...can you believe my imagination. One day I will have this but until then I have the dress that started it all. 

Christy Dawn

Thank you for reading and thank you Christy for your creations. 

I would love to hear your stories and if you would like a dress click on "The Dress" to get $30 off...it's worth it believe me. Comment below with your perfect day!

Houseplant Theory

I am a houseplant. What does these mean you wonder? Why a houseplant? How did this come about? Just...like...what?

I was sitting alone one afternoon thinking about why I don't mind sitting alone and my mind began to wander. I glanced over and looked at my lush green houseplant that I sometimes forget to water, mostly lives in the dark, but there it was happy and green and living its life despite it being ignored sometimes. When I bought said houseplant I wanted my room to feel home-ish and green. I wanted something pretty to look at but I also didn't want to take care of something like an orchid which requires way more attention, I mean I have a dog and a cat, I didn't need to add anything else to my plate. So houseplant shopping I went and bought my little beauty. Being almost 29 and single I hear from a lot of people, "Why are you single?" "If you went out you could find someone." etc. etc. Sitting there on that lovely afternoon blissfully alone staring at my houseplant I realized, "I am a houseplant." (Said like Cher when she discovers she loves josh.)

 Let me explain a little further...follow me down this rabbit hole.

Houseplant Theory Explained:

I am a houseplant. I don't require much to thrive. Feed me, water me, hug me, 1 to 3  a month and I am good and happy. I prefer staying indoors but also can thrive outdoors. I'm ok if you leave me alone for sometime but make sure to check in occasionally. I enjoy making places feel like home and actually living in them. I start to show signs of stress when over watered. I can grow as tall as allowed and I enjoy simplicity. 

You get where I am going with this. I am a low maintenance girl that doesn't require much to really thrive in this world. I'm not saying that I require no one, even a cactus requires love, but I am saying I am not an orchid where you glance at it wrong and it dies. 

So there you have it, Houseplant Theory, isn't it exciting and riveting...I know! If you aren't a houseplant get it guurlll (boy/girl) you aren't alone in this Orchid world. But if Houseplant Theory speaks to you know that you are not alone! We are all in our own spaces cheering for you. Tell me which plant you associate with the most or one you love that isn't pictured! 


Your Houseplant Friend.


Barefoot and Baking

Having a blog is a funny thing...having only written one blog post I suppose I can't call myself a blogger but it is still something strange. Are people reading it? Are people even interested in the ramblings of what makes me...me? All these questions flow through my mind as I am deciding when I should write and what. A month ago I posted my first post about the creatures I love so I decided today to post about something else I love...baking.

I love to bake. I love to cook. I love to create something from nothing that becomes something delicious be it art for the eyes or art for the stomach. 

Every Thanksgiving I am in charge of the Pecan Pie and every year it gets better. I use my Grandmothers dough recipe and have been manipulating the pie recipe for about 5 years now. I will just let the images do the talking for a bit.  

Left over dough always becomes a sweet treat

Left over dough always becomes a sweet treat

What I know of pies is it's all about the crust...in my opinion the entirety of the pies success is in the crust. For once it matters most what's on the outside and less for what's on the inside. 

Barefoot and Baking is a good morning if I say so myself. 

My Main Ts

Let's just start by saying, "Hello, my name is Colleen. This is my site. Welcome." 

I had absolutely no idea what my first blog entry should be. An introduction? I did that...right? Something inspirational or completely ridiculous? I just had no idea. So I did what I usually do when needing some sort of insight I looked to my photos. Looked through my phone and insta, just trying to draw some inspiration and IT WORKED!!! The only thing that makes sense to talk about first is my main Ts. My fur babies. One of the main reasons I make that money and always want to be home...meet Temperance (Temp, Goose, Pumpkin, Peach) and Tuani (Tutu). 

Temperance Penelope 

Temperance Penelope 

Tuani Catherine

Tuani Catherine

These two are why I exist. Does that sound crazy??? Sure does. Does that change anything?? Hell no. They are a constant and even though my Temp has separation anxiety and only throws up on my bed and Tuani will occasionally bite me on the calf I still love them more than most humans. Now for their introductions. 


Just being majestic 

Just being majestic 

This wonderful creature is my true love. I mean look at that face!! A Pit bull lab mix, which is by far one of the greatest combinations in the verse, is between 7 and 9 years old. Rescued by a friend and found her forever home with me. A rescued bait dog, I won't get on my soap box just yet, she has the sweetest disposition I have ever encountered. A giant love bug with an appetite for chew toys and belly rubs. Serious pit bull love. I could go on and on about this girl...like really I should write a book, Temperance Penelope: The Golden Goose, perfect already have a book title. You could ask any one of my friends what I love most in this world and their answer would be Temp. Any creature I see that has eyes I always say, "Oh it looks like Temp." I miss her when I leave my house be it for 5 minutes or a shift at work. It's a real obsession I have with this little peach and I don't feel bad about it. 


The Queen

The Queen

My Queen. I was 19 years old and had just moved out on my own to see if I could do the whole independence thing, I was at work and a co-worker comes in with a kitten and says, "Do you want a kitten?" How do you say no to that? A kitten the size of your palm just given to you when you've just experienced what living alone feels like, we all know what I am talking about that moment when you get home and want to talk to someone and there is no one, so here she is...my new roommate. Fast forward 9 years and she loves my now human roommate more than me. We still have our moments and I know she loves me, or at least that's what I tell myself, but she is still my girl. My tutu. I have every scar to prove it. What I found out a couple weeks after getting her was she is a barn cat so that being said she has much more spirit than your typical house cat. She does what she wants and won't change for anyone...really she is an inspiration and what I strive to be everyday. 

There you have it...the perfect introduction to me through my loves.